Becoming a Cat Mom


If you follow me on Instagram, you would already know I recently became a cat mom to a little orange tabby. I had never owned a cat before nor would I have previously considered myself a cat person. But then, in comes Hugo.

Back in September, my boyfriend and I went to visit Hugo and his brothers. We didn’t plan on coming home with a cat that night, but we did. A then tiny, six week old kitten then became my best buddy.


Fun fact: We named him after Hugo Lloris. Bonus points to anyone who knows him.

Since having Hugo, I’ve fallen in love with cats. Prior to adopting him, everyone said cats are easy because they’re independent. However, Hugo is a different story. He’s completely attached to people. Every day he has to fall asleep on me even when he’s napping. Plus, he talks SO much. He constantly wants affection and will photobomb every photo to just get pets.

Honestly, Hugo reminds me more of a dog than a cat. He’s extremely social and becomes friend with everyone. He even play fetch sometimes. He’s also oddly obsessed with water.


Hugo has been an amazing, crazy addition to our little family. I knew I had to share him on my blog.

To see more pictures of Hugo, just watch my Instagram stories. I pretty much post pictures of him everyday because I’m obsessed!