RTR Update Experience


Who remembers Rent the Runway from high school prom? I did not rent my prom dresses; however, the idea is genius.

Rent the Runway is a company that allows you to rent clothes and accessories for every occasion. It was uber popular when I was in high school because many girls would take the route of renting their prom dresses instead of paying a hefty price.

Today, Rent the Runway created a new option called RTR Update. For around $94 a month, you can receive four pieces of your choice. I had the opportunity to work with them for two months. Here is my honest review.

Get the most out of your money

Since you have the ability to choose four different pieces, I would recommend picking a variety of pieces. Additionally, if you have any upcoming special events that month, pick out a fun dress or outfit. For my first month, I picked out a dress because I knew I would be attending a wedding later that month. I would also tell myself to try to choose a piece from every category. For instance, a shirt, bottoms, jacket, dress or an accessory.


It’s fun

Having the ability to receive new pieces each month without having to commit is a lot of fun. In a way it’s like playing dress up. I would never be able to afford a $200 blazer, but I was able to wear it for a month. Take advantage of the opportunity to try funky, risky pieces you wouldn’t dare pay full price for. You might end up liking a style you would’ve never explored before.

Is it worth it?

Maybe. As a college student who has other bills to pay for, spending $94 a month seems like an unnecessary expense. Yes you receive four designer pieces and normally just one piece exceeds $94, but I found I didn’t get much wear out of the clothes. However, if you can afford the monthly price, I would recommend giving it a try.


Here are the links to the pieces photographed.

Joie Tillana Sweater

Habitual Plaid Bille Blazer

Moon River Caramel Faux Fur Coat



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