No Foundation Makeup


Hello friends! I remember hearing about no foundation makeup looks a while ago and I was so puzzled. I always felt like I couldn’t pull it off because I hated my skin. However, through time, I’ve come to learn the power a good concealer. I no longer wear foundation because I don’t enjoy the feeling and prefer to let my skin breathe. Today, I’m going to show you guys my simple, no foundation makeup look.

  1. Conceal

I prefer to wear concealer over foundation nowadays to cover up any redness or breakouts. My concealer of choice is from Clove + Hallow. The formula is so creamy and provides incredible coverage.

I’ll apply it on my cheeks, sides of my temples and in between my eyebrows where I have acne scarring. Using a foundation brush, I buff it into my skin.


2. Under eye concealer

I may not have dark circles, but I always love to use a lighter shade concealer to help brighten my face. The one I have used for the past few months is from Julep. The shade I use is Ivory.


3. Set

My skin tends to be on the oily side as the day goes on especially when I wear makeup. I always use a tiny bit of powder to help make my makeup last. My favorite powder is from Covergirl and it’s super cheap!


4. Contour

My nose is super small and lacks shape, so I always make sure to contour my nose. To do this, I take an ashy brown shade from Buxom and use a fluffy crease brush.


I then move on to contouring my face with some bronzer. My all time favorite bronzer is Hoola from Benefit.


5. Blush

Blush is my favorite part of doing my makeup. My face instantly lights up and starts to glow. I use the pink shade from IBY Radiant Glow Palette. I adore this shade because of the hints of tiny shimmer that gives an amazing diffused glow.


6. Highlight

Because I love to glow, I will always add some highlighter. I have used Opal from Becca for years and I keep going back for it. Using a small fluffy brush, I’ll apply it to my cheeks, brow bone and nose.


7. Brows

For the longest time, I used to fill in my brows with an eyeshadow. I have moved on to a more natural technique of using Glossier’s Boy Brow. I love using this because my brows are thick and fluffy without looking too done.


8. Lashes

I may have baby eyelashes, but I will curl them and apply some mascara when I do my makeup. Since I barely wear makeup, I use an eyelash curler from the drugstore along with a mascara from Maybelline.

When I am feeling extra fancy, I will apply some fake lashes. I always use Kiss Bloom lashes in Lily.


That’s it! This super easy makeup takes at most 15 minutes and looks super natural. I mainly focus on my skin because that’s the one feature I want to highlight. Dewy skin is my favorite!

I hope you guys liked this!