Going Makeup Free


As a big-eyed, young girl in fourth grade, makeup intrigued me so much. YouTube was available at my finger tips and I can remember watching Michelle Phan’s first makeup tutorials. Soon enough, I was hooked on makeup.

Fast forward a few years and I’m a freshman in high school. I’m already wearing a full face of makeup everyday to school. Slowly, I begin contouring and filling in my brows. Next comes fake eyelashes which I started to wear everyday as a college freshman. I began to become obsessed with the person who looked back at me in the mirror when I had makeup on. She was prettier than the girl I was without makeup. She had perfect skin, perfect brows, and eyelashes that I seriously lacked. She was more confident. I felt so much more comfortable wearing makeup than I did without.

In full transparency, my skin clearing up did boost my confidence to the point where I would feel comfortable going out without makeup on— sometimes. However, to work or school or wherever I would see a familiar face, I had to wear makeup.

But then a switch went off.

I began to be kinder to myself.

During my winter break, I challenged myself to not wear any makeup even if I was going out. Fully throwing myself into this new mindset began to put things into perspective. Firstly, I did not die doing it. I honestly always thought I would die of embarrassment if people saw me without makeup on. Sounds extreme…I know. Secondly, I learned to be comfortable in my own skin. What I look like without makeup is just as pretty the girl I am with makeup on.

I started the new year and new semester by not wearing any makeup on an everyday basis. At first, I did feel some insecurities. I would be lying if I said I still don’t feel insecure sometimes. However, I feel more like me. A more stripped down, real version of me. I still wear makeup on special occasions, but I stopped comparing makeup me to real me.

I’m not challenging anyone to go makeup free nor am I saying not wearing makeup is better than wearing it. Do whatever you feel comfortable with! I started to not wear makeup because I began to obsess over my looks when I did wear it. I hated looking at myself without makeup on which is a huge problem. You should love yourself with or without makeup on.



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