My Glowing Skin Regime

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For close to a month, I have been using a regime from Algenist. In the past, I have used a few products from them, but I’ve never had my entire routine consist of Algenist goodies. Since starting this regime, my skin has changed dramatically. So far, 2019 has brought me glowing, clear skin because of Algenist.

My skin before

I have always struggled with my skin. Since the 6th grade, I’ve had breakouts. My sophomore year in high school, I had a terrible breakout that left my cheeks red and full of acne scars. Needless to say, I was prescribed multiple topical creams and steroids in attempt to combat my acne. For a few months, one thing would work and then completely stop working. Eventually, I fully indulged into the world of skincare and I felt more in control of my skin.

However, I would still have breakouts sporadically and my skin remained red and textured with acne scars that could be seen from miles away.

I was really insecure about my skin that I rarely went makeup.


My skin after

Today, my skin is so clear, soft, and dewy that I barely wear makeup. Maybe I’ll apply some under eye concealer if it was a rough night. Because of my skin routine with Algenist, I no longer feel the need to cover up my skin with layers of foundation and concealer. Even the redness from my acne scars has disappeared. I was beyond words when I began to see results within one week of starting the regime. It hasn’t even been a month yet and my skin has done a complete 180.

I finally feel confident in my own skin.

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About Algenist

This phenomenal skincare company uses the power of Alguronic Acid from algae to create impeccable formulas. The naturally-sourced and sustainable ingredient is proven to be very effective as an anti-aging property. Furthermore, all skin types can use Algenist products and they’re hypoallergenic. Some products are even vegan.

The routine

All of the products in my routine are from the GENUIS line with most products from the Ultimate Anti-Aging collection.


With every routine, I begin with a cleanser. Some days I use the Melting Cleanser from Algenist or a foaming wash such as Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate cleanser.

This cleanser in particular is really fun because it melts away all the dirt and makeup in your pores. It begins as a gel-like consistency then turns into an oil as I massage it into my face. When I wash it away, the cleanser becomes a milky emulsion. My skin is always left feeling soft and dewy.

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After cleansing, I pump a small amount of the Vitamin C+ Serum. This vegan serum combines Alguronic Acid, Microalgae Oil, and Vitamin C to help brighten the skin. I struggled with obtaining bright, glowing skn because mine was always dull with a lot of texture. However, I am convinced this serum makes my skin radiate.

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Before starting this regime, I had never used emulsions before. Having oily skin, I knew some people would substitute emulsions for moisturizers. The Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Emulsion helps to add a surge of hydration while brightening. The consistency is milky and extremely light on my skin, so it never feels like I’m layering on too many products.

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Collagen Treatment

We have all heard of collagen and how important it is to help our skin remain youthful and bouncy. Algenist takes collagen to a different level. I call the Liquid Collagen , liquid gold. This vegan formula includes not only collagen, but Microalgae Oil beads to help replenish the skin. Like all Algenist products, this too helps to brighten the skin. I find I’m always left with an amazing glow after using the liquid collagen.

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To lock in all the goodness, I use the Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream. This cream works magic by helping my once dull skin glow. It also helps to firm and plump up the skin. In the past, I always had issues finding the right moisturizer because of my oily skin. However, this cream leaves no oily or greasy residue. It sinks and melts right into my skin.

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Eye Cream

For the grand finale, I always end with the Complete Eye Renewal Balm. Eye cream is a must for me especially when I wear fake lashes. For some reason, eyelash glue tends to dry out my eyelids leaving me with flaky lids. Attractive, right? I need a good eye cream to combat not only dryness, but also puffiness. I’ve used this eye cream in the past, so I’m so happy to have it back on my vanity.

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While I was gifted these products, this is not a sponsored post. I fully believe in all of these products because of the stunning results I have seen in less than a month. My skin is the best it’s ever been.

To glowing skin!



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